August 8, 2021

Ring Respect Radio: MLW Battle Riot III

Simulcast from YouTube - August 3, 2021


Major League Wrestling better known by their call letters MLW are back in action, and Bobby Munson and Papa Smokes the Video Bros are ready to share their thoughts on all of the action from #BattleRiotIII.

#RingRespectRadio brings you an honest podcast, hosted by two guys who have collectively been watching wrestling for quite some time. On this episode the Video Bros discuss the Battle Riot III from MLW. If you have yet to watch the Battle Riot you may want to tune into it right now, free on You Tube from the amazing team behind MLW. This video does contain spoilers of the result of the match.

While it would be exhausting to go through each and every thing that happened inside the Battle Riot, the Video Bros have chosen to discuss each of the entrants and their overall impact on the match. With a plethora of new talent coming on board at MLW it was going to be a chance to get some eyes on the new guys.

Some of the names that would be making their debut in the Battle Riot were Davey Richards, The Suplex Assassin Alex Kane, and The Judge Ej Nduka. Along with more new faces and an already top talent roster that includes Filthy Tom Lawlor, Jacob Fatu, Alexander Hammerstone, Mil Muertes, and The Von Erichs, this match was promising a star studded line up of professional wrestling talent.

The Battle Riot is a match featuring 40 male wrestlers, every 60 seconds a new participant enters the match. To be eliminated you need to be tossed over the top rope and have both feet hit the floor, by pinfall, or by submission. Multiple ways to be eliminated and for the winner, a chance at the champion. This may be the only way that Alexander Hammerstone could secure his chance at Jacob Fatu. Would it happen? Or would someone else come out on top to challenge for the companies top championship? Join Bobby Munson and Papa Smoked the #VideoBros as they discuss and give insight on the events that went down at MLW Battle Riot III.

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