Mike the Ref is joined by the Billy Bob the Eskimoes fan (and Birthday boy), Andre C, and Mr. MRB 1.1 Ryan Passmore, as they discuss the Retribution Show, hosted by the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, from the Northgate Lions Senior Centre in Edmonton.  Interesting card to finish off 12 cards in 10 days.


Mike the Ref is joined by the Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton and Wrestling Clarity's Andre C as they discuss the Canadian Wrestling Elite show from Festival Hall in Sherwood Park.  Second night of the tour.  Bigger venue, bigger expectations, bigger results.


The returning Andre C discusses his thoughts on NXT Takeover, Summersh**, I mean Summerslam, the Raw from Brooklyn, and the Real Canadian Wrestling Xtreme Measures Show in Edmonton August 22.  All that, some viewer feedback, and a preview of upcoming shows.

Mike the Ref has a review of the Canadian Wrestling Elite Show from the Elks Hall in Camrose.  Interesting venue, interesting results.


Schedule of Special Events, September 2015


September 1 & 2

Road to Rio – Volleyball Canada Men vs. Brazil

Saville Community Sport Centre (Edmonton), 7:00 pm both nights


September 5

Monster Pro Wrestling, Alberta Avenue Arena (Edmonton) 7:30 pm

Featuring an appearance by Wildman Gary Williams


September 11

WWE House Show, Rexall Place (Edmonton), 7:30 pm


September 12

WWE House Show, Pengrowth Saddledome (Calgary), 7:30 pm


September 16

Edmonton Oiler Rookies vs. U of A Golden Bears, Rexall Place (Edmonton), 7:00 pm


September 18

Real Canadian Wrestling Collision Course, Springbrook Multiplex (Springbrook), 7:45 pm

Featuring a Steel Cage Match between Dogs of War and New Newfoundland Viking Rage, also Kat von Heez defending the RCW Women’s title against WWE Tough Enough Contestant Chelsea Green


September 19

Real Canadian Wrestling Fatal Fallout, Evansdale Community League (Edmonton), 7:45 pm

Featuring the singles debut of Azreal as he takes on Brice “the Slammer” Sova, as well as the return Women’s title match between Kat von Heez and WWE Tough Enough Contestant Chelsea Green

Prairie Wrestling Alliance Legacy, Century Casino (Calgary), 7:30 pm

Pure Power Wrestling, Boys and Girls Club (Lethbridge), 7:30 pm


September 26

Prairie Wrestling Alliance Fall Fever, Northgate Lions Seniors Centre (Edmonton), 7:30 pm

Real Canadian Wrestling Fall Showdown, Royal Canadian Legion #1 (Calgary), 7:45 pm


September 27

RCW presents Stampede Classic, Bassano Community Hall (Bassano), 3:00 pm

Featuring Bassano’s own D. Dwight Davis

For Ongoing coverage of many of these events, check out the Edmonton Sports Podcast Network throughout the month of September.


Smartie Cup Predictions

WWE Summerslam 2015

Featuring Mike the Ref, Andre C, Brian Hamilton and Ryan Passmore

1) Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Mike –  Sheamus.  No cash in tonight, so heel needs to look strong

Andre – Not like it really matters because this is match what 1,000,054 for these two in the WWE. I say Orton wins but this match really doesn't matter.

Brian – Sheamus

Ryan – Orton Clean 

2) Tag Team Title Match

Prime Time Players (c) vs. New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. Lucha Dragons

Mike –  New Day.  Should never have lost the belts, and now that Xavier is proving to be a great talker, they’ll give him the belts just so he can brag about it incessantly.

Andre – Here is the pre show match of the night. I'm not to sure with this one but I'll go with The Prime Time Players retaining the belts

Brian – Prime Time Players.

Ryan – Prime Time Players.  New Day still shines in this match

3) Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev 

NO CONTEST (Double Countout)

Mike –  Rusev.  Whole lot of leggy shenanigans.  This feud is far from over.

Andre – Ziggler. This is just a matter of opinion cause I think Rusev is stale and I'm a Ziggler supporter.

Brian – Ziggler

Ryan –   Ziggler.  Coming back off an injury he needs the push.

4) Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & Wade Barrett

Mike –  Team Arrow.  Stephen Amell is going to look a lot better than people expect.

Andre – I can only go one way on this one. Have to go with "Team Arrow" Amell and Neville.

Brian – Team Arrow

Ryan – Team Arrow.  Fun match, and a good example of celebrity participation



5) Intercontinental Title Match

Ryback (c) vs. Big Show vs. Miz

Mike –  Miz.  Big guys cancel each other out, and the little weasel sneaks in for the title.

Andre – Ryback retains the title. He hasn't had the chance to run with the title yet due to Staph infection so I think he keeps the belt for a little bit.

Brian – RYBACK (Autopick)

Ryan – Miz in a boring match.  Maybe kevin sullivan and john tenta will show up and restart the dungeon of doom.

6) Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Mike –  Bray and Luke, with the help of newly arrived Leo Kruger

Andre – Bray & Harper win to continue on the fued.

Brian – Ambrose and Reigns

Ryan – Wyatts.  Maybe with some of Bray’s black magic, they start to become strong again.

7) US Title vs. WWE World Heavyweight Title

Choose Split or one man to have both

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Mike –  Rollins.  Owens comes down and interferes on behalf of Rollins.  Next night Rollins offers up belt to Owens as a reward, but Cesaro demands match for it, after beating him tonight, and wins it

Andre – Both men leave with their respective titles. Cena is doing a great job rebuilding the US Title and Rollins is doing pretty good as the guy with the main title.

Brian – Cena.  May be a split, but I believe Cena will do it.

Ryan – Split.  Doesn't make sense for belts to switch hands



8) Women’s Elimination Match

Team PCB vs. Team Bad vs. Team Bella

Mike – Team PCB.  Face team going against two heel teams.  Surprise will be when Bellas get knocked out early.

Andre – Team PCB. I think you'll see Charlotte getting a big spot in this match.

Brian – Team PCB.  Charlotte makes Nikki tap out for the finish

Ryan – Team PCB.  Charlotte is a big factor in this one.



9) Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

Mike –  Cesaro in a tight one.  May be match of the night.

Andre – Because he needs a win again after jobbing to John Cena at the last 2 PPVs, I'll go with Kevin Owens.

Brian – Cesaro

Ryan – Cesaro.  Owens starts to fizzle.  Hope I am wrong.



10) Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Mike –  Lesnar.  Sets up a “If I can’t beat you at 32, I’ll retire” storyline

Andre – Undertaker. Sets up the rubber match at Mania 32

Brian – Undertaker finally beats Brock

Ryan – Taker by DQ.  taker works heel. Sting shows up. Sets up sting vs taker at mania. Taker wins by dq, brock looks strong.


 Final Record  (W-L-NC)

Brian - 6-3-1

Mike - 5-4-1

Andre - 5-4-1

Ryan - 2-7-1

Overall Record  (W-L-NC)

Mike 30-16-4

Brian 26-20-4

Andre 24-22-4

Ryan 22-24-4

Mike the Ref is joined by Front Row Mafia members Billy Bob the Eskis fan, Andre C, and the Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton as they discuss this exciting RCW show from the Evansdale Arena in Edmonton Alberta.  A special appearance by the Godfather of the First Family, Thaddeus Archer III, enlighting the group on the future of the First Family.


Mike the Ref and The Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton review tonight's Real Canadian Wrestling Card from the Springbrook Multiplex in Springbrook, AB (just outside Red Deer).  Also included is the Announcement of a WWE Tough Enough Contestant and a TNA Impact Wrestling Superstar coming to Red Deer for the September and October Shows, respectively.  Who are they you say? Check out the podcast to find out.

Hot topics include the buildup and preview of the WWE Summerslam weekend, including both the NXT and WWE shows.  Also, Mike the Ref answers your emails, texts, and tweets.

Check out our sponsor monsterprowrestling.pivotshare.com, as well as our new Edmonton SPN Youtube Page, where we will be simulcasting a lot of our shows, along with stand-alone spots of our interviews with the stars of the Edmonton Sports Podcast Network.

Mike the Ref is joined by the usual crew of Andre C, the Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton, and Luke "Sanefan" Neilson, as we discuss the Monster Pro Wrestling tournament show, held at the Alberta Avenue Arena in Edmonton, Alberta.

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