On this episode we preview the card for the Leo Burke Cup, including interviews with the participants in the Cup itself.  Also, Mike the Ref is joined by Andre C and The Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton to discuss the Legends that are scheduled to appear at the show as well. 

Check out the Leo Burke Cup May 2, 7:30 pm MDT from the Alberta Avenue Arena.  Tickets are available for the event.  Contact theblowncallshow@gmail.com for info. 

If you can't make the venue, check out the Leo Burke Cup, LIVE, for free, on www.monsterprowrestling.com/live  
 Stream Starts at 7:00 pm MDT.

In this episode... 

We discuss the format for the Leo Burke Cup, and the painful journey to win it. 

We are joined by 2014 winner of the Leo Burke Cup Jack Hammer, as we discuss 
His journey to the Cup 
Why he cashed it in for a tag team title shot 
His advice to all the competitors going into the Cup 

Monster Pro Wrestling presents The Leo Burke Cup, Saturday, May 2, 7:30 pm MDT, from the Alberta Avenue Arena, at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre, in Edmonton Alberta.  Free live stream available at monsterprowrestling.com/live.

We talk about the history of Leo Burke, from the list of accomplishments he has had in his career to who he has worked with.

Also, Andre C and Mike the Ref sit down with Massive Damage, MPW superstar, inaugural winner of the Leo Burke Cup, and pupil of Leo Burke, on his memories of Leo Burke. 

Check out the Leo Burke Cup LIVE May 2, 2015, 7:30 pm MDT on monsterprowrestling.com/live


Mike the Ref discusses his thoughts on Round One of the NHL Playoffs, as well as his predictions for Round Two.

Edmonton Sports Podcast Network Smartie Cup

Extreme Rules 2015 Predictions

With Mike the Ref, Andre C, The Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton, and “MRB 1.75” Ryan Passmore


Intercontinental Title – Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Wade Barrett 

Match Did Not Happen

Mike – Bryan.  Very cheap victory, but wil squeak one more month out before taking time off.

Andre – Barrett.  Bryan just can handle the grind right now.

Brian – Barrett.  Portrayed injury will lead to injury time

Ryan – Bryan.  Clean win, and match of the night.

Tag Team Title Match – Tyson Kidd/Cesaro (c) vs New Day

Mike – Kidsarro.  Happy Clappy Clan leaves fans happy by getting their asses kicked.

Andre – Kidsarro.  Dominant victory

Brian – Kidsarro. Decisive win

Ryan – Kidsarro.  Clean Win


Kiss my Arse – Shaemus vs Dolph Ziggler

Mike – Ziggler.  However, either Shaemus does not follow through on the stipulation, or a donkey will appear.

Andre – Shaemus.  Needs momentum to get heel character going

Brian – Shaemus.  Need to build him up.

Ryan – Shaemus.  A lot of boots and a lot of boos.

Chicago Street Fight – Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Mike – Harper.  Great spots but no wins for Ambrose

Andre – Ambrose.  Going with heart, finally gets first PPV win

Brian – Ambrose.  Match suits him the best

Ryan – Ambrose.  Vicious match that may steal the show


United States Title Russian Chain Match – John Cena (c) vs Rusev

Mike – Cena. Can’t see Cena giving up belt, and Rusev can still claim to not be pinned or submitted.

Andre – Cena.  Keep getting over to establish title

Brian – Cena.  See Andre’s Answer

Ryan – Cena.  Lana interferes and accidentally costs Rusev the match.

Divas – Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi

Mike – Nikki.  Nothing much to see here, other than it will be a dirty match.

Andre – Nikki. Just another divas pointless match (piss break)

Brian – Double DQ/Countout.  Brie or locker room will interfere.

Ryan – Nikki.  Like Heel Naomi but Nikki prevails

Last Man Standing – Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Mike – Big Show.  Interference by Bray Wyatt costs Reins the victory, setting up that feud.

Andre – Reigns.  Not going to bury him here.

Brian – Reigns.  Hard hitting match, and Reigns will barely get up.

Ryan – Reigns.  Will look very strong


WWE World Heavyweight Title Steel Case with RKO not allowed – Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton

Mike – Rollins retains.  Either interference costs Orton the match or Rollins gets DQ’ed for using RKO.

Andre – Rollins.  Kane will interfere and help Rollins win

Brian – Rollins.  Kane will help… for now

Ryan – Rollins.  Interference causes the win.

Show Record

Mike 4-3-1

Andre 5-2-1

Brian 4-3-1

Ryan 5-2-1

Overall Record

Mike 9-6-2

Brian 8-7-2

Ryan 8-7-2

Andre 7-8-2

Mike the Ref is joined by Wrestling Clarity's Andre C, The Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton, and Mr. MRB 1.5 Ryan Passmore as we discuss the Hysteria show presented by the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, at the Northgate Lions Seniors Centre.  A lot of great action here.
In this episode, Andre C is joined by Mike the Ref and The Wrestling Mind Brian Hamilton as they discuss... 

A review of Andre's recent trip to Quebec and the Northern Championship Wrestling Show in Montreal April 18 
A review of the Marie Ewaschuk Memorial Show, hosted by Real Canadian Wrestling, in Edmonton April 18

As well as Part Two of Andre's sit-down interview with PWA Superstar Frenetico 
His thoughts on the current product throughout the world 
People he credits for his success 
His future in wrestling 

We are talking NHL Playoffs Preview and Predictions 

As well as the Top 10 Playoff Upsets 

Also previewing the remainder of April on the Edmonton Sports Podcast Network

Andre C sits down with Prairie Wrestling Alliance Superstar Frenetico, from the Smurfcave.  In Part One, they discuss... 
His start in wrestling 
His inspirations 
How he started training and the origination of the Frenetico name 
His thoughts on his first match in PWA

As well, a review of the Monster Pro Wrestling show from April 4 at the Alberta Avenue Arena.

In this episode... 

A review of Wrestlemania and the Post-Mania Raw 
A review of Prairie Wrestling Alliance Anniversary Show March 21 
A discussion on the buy numbers on the WWE Network 

As well an announcement on a Legend scheduled to appear at the Leo Burke Cup May 2, presented by Monster Pro Wrestling.

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