August 26, 2021

Ring Respect Radio - Bobby Eaton Memoriam plus Andre the Giant Book Review

Simulcast from YouTube - August 20, 2021


#RingRespectRadio is back with our absolute favorite and biggest episode ever. The #VideoBros are taking a look at the life and career of Beautiful Bobby Eaton. Beautiful Bobby Eaton is and was one of the best professional wrestlers of all time, and unfortunately the world has lost Bobby Eaton far too soon. Join Bobby Munson and Papa Smokes as they reflect on the career and what made Beautiful Bobby Eaton one of the most memorable names that professional wrestling will ever see.


Then in our GIANT and first ever book review here on Ring Respect Radio. The book The Eight Wonder Of The World depicts the most honest and knowledgeable look at the life and career of Andre The Giant. Bobby Munson and Papa Smokes give praise for the book and reflect on all of the knowledge they obtained from reading this brilliant piece of literature. If you have ever wanted to learn more about one of the most iconic names in the entire world, then join the Video Bros for an in depth discussion of the man born Andre Rousimoff but better known to the world as Andre The Giant.


Bobby Munson on Twitter @RealBobbyMunson  

Papa Smokes on Twitter @Smokes_Papa  

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